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Rhode Island Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Divorce is not something that anyone plans on experiencing. When they do, it isn’t unusual for them to feel like there is no where to turn for divorce help.


All too often when people find themselves in a divorce they rush out and hire a divorce lawyer. After this happens, it is generally the case that these people quickly see the legal fees skyrocket and emotions run unchecked.

If you have both definitely decided to divorce…you want to do it as an uncontested divorce. Now what do you do? Should you retain attorneys or can you and your spouse work it out? You know you can’t go it totally alone. You know you will need some structure and guidance.

Mediation is an alternative to litigation that will let you and your spouse avoid the emotional and financial costs of litigation. It is a neutral and informal process in which you have control to reach an agreement resolving your entire dispute. It allows you and your spouse to resolve your issues with dignity by working together instead of opposing each other.