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Rhode Island Business & Corporate Litigation

Sometimes when a Rhode Island Business Dispute arises, and when it can't be resolved through negotiations (or arbitration) Business / Corporate Litigation can be used as a way to rectify the situation. Whether it's a private individual or a Rhode island Business that has a legal issue with another business, we have a proven track record of successes.

Contract disputes are a common type of business litigation. Rhode island Business Contracts are legally binding agreements, but the exact meaning of the written text in a contract is often open to interpretation

A Rhode Island Business Litigation Attorney must also be skilled at mediation as an alternative resolution. The Law Offices of Medici & Sciacca  have extensive experience for both the litigant and complainant work with a third party, or middle person, to resolve and settle the dispute out of court. 

At Medici & Sciacca, we have the experience it takes to defend your company against unwarranted attacks or to take action to protect the interests of your officers, employees, and shareholders. If your company has been sued or is being threatened with litigation, it is important that you contact a Rhode island Business Litigation Attorney today to protect your interests. Additionally, if your have a company here in Rhode Island that is the victim of misconduct by another company or individual, it is important that you act promptly and obtain counsel to protect the interests of your business.

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